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December 2018 Archives

Defending against a murder charge

Those who are charged with second-degree murder in Florida or any other state may have a variety of defenses available to contest the charge. For instance, it may be possible for a defendant to claim that he or she didn't commit the crime in question. It may also be possible to claim that the killing occurred but that it was justified for some reason.

2 charged in Florida kidnapping and murder

Law enforcement officers with the Tallahassee Police Department report that two people have been arrested and charged with the murder and kidnapping of a Havana man. The two individuals, a 38-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman, were reportedly taken into custody on December 13.

Man receives immunity for testimony in Florida murder trial

In Florida on December 11, a man serving time for kidnapping his wife testified at her murder trial that she had been involved in their plan to murder her husband in 2000. The two had known each other and one another's spouses since high school. They began an affair in 1997, and in 2000, the man murdered her husband. Five years later, they married.

Bernie Madoff: Lessons learned after a decade

A little over 10 years have passed since the infamous arrest of Bernie Madoff, a Wall Street investment fund manager whose amazing Ponzi scheme resulted in more than $60 billion lost by numerous wealthy clients. For many in the investment world throughout Florida and the rest of America, the Madoff case stands as a blueprint of how investment fraud is handled by prosecutors, and how potential defendants can improve their outcomes in court.

Why being accused of lying in an insurance claim is so serious

What happens with an insurance claim can have major impacts on a person’s life. This could leave a person filing a claim tempted to massage the truth to help ensure the claim will be approved. However, it is critical to avoid this temptation and be truthful with insurers when it comes to claims. Being accused of lying in connection to an insurance claim could expose a person to many things. This includes serious criminal charges.

Florida’s prison population size expected to stay level

Prison time can have lasting ramifications for a person. Also, it takes a lot of tax dollars to properly fund the prison system. So, how big the prison population is in the state is a very impactful thing. Last year, Florida had a prison population of over 96,000.


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