Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic and jarring experience. But, when that car accident results in a fatality, your whole world is flipped upside-down.

These are the consequences when a wrongful death results from car accident.

Will I face criminal charges?

Just because you were involved in a car accident that resulted in a death, does not mean you will automatically have to face criminal charges. However, if you were engaged in an activity that caused you to be a negligent driver, you can assume that your unsafe driving will likely result in criminal charges.

What counts as negligent driving?

Examples of negligent driving that could result in a vehicular manslaughter charge are:

  • Distracted driving – Being distracted while driving can go beyond just looking at your phone or another type of electric device. Eating, talking, adjusting the radio, applying makeup or reading a book can all be grounds for distracted driving.
  • Drowsy or fatigued driving – If you are extremely tired and it is affecting your ability to drive, it is your responsibility to remedy the situation. Falling asleep while driving can quickly make you lose control of your vehicle that results in a catastrophic accident.
  • Driving intoxicated – There is a reason why laws for being caught driving under the influence are so severe, intoxicated drivers can kill. Even if you are not over the legal limit for intoxication, you can still be charged.
  • Reckless driving – If you are not following the laws of the road and were speeding or operating your vehicle in an unlawful way, you most likely be facing criminal charges if there is a fatality due to these actions.

Get help as soon as possible

If you have been involved in an accident where someone has been seriously hurt or was killed, you should seek professional legal help. You may not know all of the facts of the accident until well after it is over.

An experienced attorney can speak on your behalf to keep you from incriminating yourself and help you prepare a defense that accounts for every detail of the event.