A 30-year-old Florida man has been charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, kidnapping and first-degree murder in connection with a woman who disappeared on February 9. She was last seen at a 7-Eleven in Cocoa. A few days later, her body was discovered.

The man was taken into custody on February 27. The woman was involved in a case of burglary with assault or battery in which she was supposed to testify against the man. According to her family, she had been threatened in connection with the case and had expressed fear of the man. He was out on bail at the time of her murder, and he was living in an apartment just a few hundred feet from the woman.

The man was facing a possible penalty of life in prison on the charges about which the woman was supposed to testify. He was found and detained at his mother’s home.

People who are facing these types of serious charges may want to contact an Orlando, Florida, murder and violent charges attorney. Depending on the situation, there may be a number of strategies and avenues of defense available. For example, it may be possible to raise doubts about the quality and reliability of any evidence gathered. In some cases, the assault or murder might have been an act of self-defense. An attorney may also look at whether legal procedures were followed and if a person’s rights were observed. Evidence or cases may be dismissed if law enforcement gathered evidence illegally or violated a person’s rights in other ways. Finally, a plea bargain may be an option in lieu of a trial. This could lead to a lighter sentence.

Source: Click Orlando, “Career criminal kidnapped, killed Cocoa mother set to testify against him, police say,” Ezzy Castro, Emilee Speck, February 27, 2019