Former executives of Insys Therapeutics are on trial on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and mail fraud. The individuals are alleged to have contributed to the opioid crisis that has impacted people in Florida and around the country. In addition to those who are on trial, the company’s former CEO as well as a former vice president of sales have entered guilty pleas. They are both currently cooperating with authorities.

According to the complaint against the defendants, they were involved in a scheme to get doctors to prescribe a drug called Subsys. It was intended to treat patients for pain related to cancer, but the defendants attempted to get doctors to prescribe it to those who didn’t have that disease. Monetary rewards were given to those who prescribed the drug to patients. The scheme was a result of sales figures in 2012 that the defendants were not satisfied with.

Sales of Subsys were $329.5 million in fiscal year 2015 compared to just $3.7 million in the first nine months of 2012. The drug was first sent to market in March 2012, and the scheme began in May of that year. Among the bribes given to those who prescribed the drug were speaker fees, food and entertainment. Pharmacies that took part in the scheme were also paid a fee to do so.

People who have been charged with mail fraud or similar white-collar crimes may benefit from hiring an attorney to defend them. As part of a strategy to combat the allegations, an attorney may cast doubt on evidence that formed the basis of the charges.