Two men in Florida have finally received justice after 42 years of imprisonment. The 76-year-old and 61-year-old men, an uncle and nephew, had their convictions vacated on March 28 after prosecutors filed a request. Prosecutors said that they were no longer convinced of the men’s responsibility for the murder of which they were convicted. The two are the first people to be cleared of a wrongful conviction after the state attorney’s office announced that it would review such claims. This marks the first statewide Florida effort to address false convictions.

The 61-year-old man was only 18 at the time of his conviction. He said that he wanted to reconnect with his family and thanked his lawyer as well as the State Attorney for the resolution of the case. He had reached out to his attorney after learning about the state initiative through news reporting. The two men had been convicted and sentenced to life in prison for shooting one woman and injuring her girlfriend. The two women knew the two men socially. The men were convicted based solely on the eyewitness testimony of the surviving woman, who said that she saw the two men at the foot of the bed shooting at them.

Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable in the best of circumstances. No physical evidence linked the two men to the murder, and the evidence at the scene contradicted the eyewitness testimony. The two men said that they were at a party and several other party attendees testified that they had seen them there.

Unjust convictions can still happen, even in the era of more advanced scientific approaches to crime. An individual facing allegations of serious felonies can work with a criminal defense attorney to present a strong defense.