Domestic assault charges can turn one’s life upside down in so many ways, and our law firm has seen firsthand how disruptive these allegations can be. People may be unable to maintain a healthy relationship with their kids as a result of a domestic violence case, and they may suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Sometimes, these charges are completely baseless, and many cases involve details that have been fabricated or exaggerated. Moreover, domestic assault charges can be very disruptive when it comes to other facets of a person’s life, such as their career.

A domestic assault case could shatter your career in many ways. It may directly or indirectly result in the loss of your job, and the presence of such a case on your record could get in the way of your pursuit of a position even years later. If you are facing these allegations, it is imperative to protect yourself and take steps to minimize the impact of this case, not only on your job and career path but in all other aspects of your life.

From workplace gossip to an employer holding an unfavorable view of one of their staff members, those who are accused of domestic violence may never be able to restore their reputation at their place of work. Unfortunately, many people have had to go through this even though they were innocent. With such a harsh stigma, it is not surprising that many people who are falsely accused of domestic violence find their lives torn apart. Review our website for more on domestic assault charges.