You have the right to live in peace and safety in your own home. If someone tries to enter your home without your consent, you also have a right to defend yourself, your home and your family. This right falls under Florida’s stand your ground law. According to the Florida Statutes, this law allows you to use deadly force on a home invader, but there are specific stipulations you must follow.

This type of law makes it legal to take the life of another person, which is why there are specifications and requirements under the law. It is a serious situation when you must kill another person, so the law ensures this is a right that you do not abuse.


You may use deadly force as your right under this law if you feel your life or someone else’s life is in immediate danger. This includes danger of not only death but also injury. If there is not a threat of immediate danger, then you may use nondeadly force to stop the intruder.

Duty to retreat

Unlike some other states, Florida does not require you to try to get away from the person before defending yourself. This is where the term “stand your ground” comes from. It relates to the fact that you can stand your ground and react to an intruder without having to find an escape first.


There are some people who may be intruders but against whom you cannot use deadly force. Such people include a person who has a right under the law to be in the home, a minor over whom you have custody and law enforcement officers.