When a person is involved in an event that results in the death of another person, a variety of criminal charges may apply. Many details relating to the event may be involved in determining the nature of any charges.

The laws in the state of Florida recognize that not every alleged murder is the same and that some situations may provide some form of excuse for the actions that led to a person’s death.

Excusable homicide definition

According to the Florida Statues, the laws identify scenarios in which an alleged homicide would be deemed excusable. One scenario which may lead to a charge of excusable homicide involves any sudden form of combat that does not involve unusual or cruel actions or even any dangerous weapons. Another scenario involves an accidental death via actions taken with no illegal intent while participating in or conducting actions that are fully legal.

Another form of excusable homicide involves the death of one person after a sudden or sufficient provocation or in the heat of passion.

Son may face excusable homicide charges

A recent report by Newsweek provided an overview of the death of a woman in Florida after being shot multiple times by her adult son. The mother and son apparently had been arguing over his requested use of her vehicle. The dispute became quite heated to the point where the woman allegedly pulled out a knife. In response to seeing the knife, the son shot his mother.

The son, 29, confessed to shooting his mother, 59, but also indicated he attempted to shoot himself after realizing what he had done. Excusable homicide charges may result in this case.