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Florida authorities crack medical insurance fraud ring

Florida authorities have arrested 10 people for allegedly operating a medical billing fraud scheme in Fort Myers. A local television station reported that state investigators are still searching for four other people who may have been involved in the operation.

Trial to begin in drug company kickback case

Former executives of Insys Therapeutics are on trial on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and mail fraud. The individuals are alleged to have contributed to the opioid crisis that has impacted people in Florida and around the country. In addition to those who are on trial, the company's former CEO as well as a former vice president of sales have entered guilty pleas. They are both currently cooperating with authorities.

Florida woman arrested for shopping with fake credit accounts

After an e-commerce center in Melbourne summoned police to investigate fraudulent purchases allegedly made through a company computer, police arrested a 22-year-old female employee. The investigation resulted in accusations that she had bought merchandise valued at over $4,000 with fake credit accounts.

Bernie Madoff: Lessons learned after a decade

A little over 10 years have passed since the infamous arrest of Bernie Madoff, a Wall Street investment fund manager whose amazing Ponzi scheme resulted in more than $60 billion lost by numerous wealthy clients. For many in the investment world throughout Florida and the rest of America, the Madoff case stands as a blueprint of how investment fraud is handled by prosecutors, and how potential defendants can improve their outcomes in court.

Why being accused of lying in an insurance claim is so serious

What happens with an insurance claim can have major impacts on a person’s life. This could leave a person filing a claim tempted to massage the truth to help ensure the claim will be approved. However, it is critical to avoid this temptation and be truthful with insurers when it comes to claims. Being accused of lying in connection to an insurance claim could expose a person to many things. This includes serious criminal charges.


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