An Established Orlando Criminal Defense Team Handling High-Profile Cases

When you are facing serious criminal charges, an experienced, aggressive defender is your greatest asset.

At Mandell Law, our criminal defense team has over 25 years of collective criminal defense experience. We are focused on defending against the toughest of cases and routinely represent high-profile professionals, including musicians, celebrities, athletes and executives facing all types of criminal charges, such as federal drug charges, murder and white collar offenses.

If you are seeking a criminal defense firm with a trusted reputation for confidentiality and a record for getting results, turn to our team.

Aggressive Defense Against Even The Most Serious Charges

Many criminal defense firms shy away from violent charges like murder, manslaughter, vehicular homicide and domestic violence. We have the skills and resources necessary to take on these cases and more. We work with private investigators and other professionals to construct the strongest defense we can for our clients.

Tough cases require a tough defense. Whether it’s drug trafficking, fraud or sex crimes, including child pornography, we are focused on protecting your rights.

The Ability To Attack The Prosecution’s Case With Confidence

Founding attorney Rob Mandell has earned the reputation of being one of the best criminal defense attorneys in central Florida by approaching every case with passion and skill. Defending everything from a first-time DUI to white collar crimes requires one thing: the ability to attack the government’s case. When that ability is paired with confidence backed by years of experience, you get a team who can do what is necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.

Begin With A Free Consultation

If you are being investigated for a crime or charges have been filed against you, reach out to one of our knowledgeable lawyers as soon as possible. Call our office at 407-349-8021 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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