Guarding Your Freedom In Domestic Violence Cases

When you have been accused of a domestic assault or a domestic violence-related offense, you may not know where to turn. Who can you trust?

At Mandell Law in Orlando, Florida, our criminal defense team maintains a high success rate in domestic violence cases for several reasons:

  • We get involved in cases early whenever possible, often preventing charges from ever being filed.
  • We back our clients with over 25 years of combined legal experience and the solid legal knowledge and relationships that come along with that.
  • We are trial attorneys who know how to work with prosecutorial agencies from the very beginning to protect our clients’ interests.

Accused Of Domestic Assault? We Can Help.

Domestic violence cases are, by nature, filled with he-said, she-said evidence. You may think this case will blow over as soon as the heat from your divorce or child custody battle dies down. This is unlikely. Even if your accuser changes his or her story, the case is in the state’s hands now, and Florida is tough on domestic violence offenders.

We are prepared to investigate your case thoroughly, seek statements and present a strong case to the state. We will aim to protect your reputation by getting the charges dropped as quickly as possible. If the circumstances do not allow this, we will take necessary actions to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Schedule A Free And Confidential Case Review

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