Experienced Defense When You Need It Most

Homicide, murder or manslaughter, is considered the ultimate crime under both state and federal law. It is critical that you protect your rights by entrusting your case to an experienced legal team you can trust. At Mandell Law, we help clients from across Florida defend state and federal charges for violent crimes.

Over 25 Years Of Collective Experience On Your Side

You may feel as if you have no options, but we back our clients with a strong reputation and 25 years of combined experience. We mount a strong defense for those facing serious violent criminal charges, including:

We get the best possible results in challenging cases by getting involved early. If you are currently under investigation in a homicide case, but have not yet been charged, the time to call a lawyer is now.

Regardless of when we become involved in your case, there are many methods we employ to defend murder and manslaughter charges, including:

  • Self-defense (Stand Your Ground)
  • Excusable homicide, which may apply when the defendant was a victim of continued abuse and killed the abuser due to a perceived or real threat
  • Legal insanity
  • Misidentification

As we learn about your case and consult with our network of experts in the field — from private investigators to forensic scientists — we will build your defense strategy.

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Our experienced legal team is prepared to discuss your case and help you understand your options. Call our Winter Park office at 407-349-8021 or send us an email to schedule your free consultation with our lead attorney, Rob Mandell. Se habla español.