Fighting Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Sex-related criminal charges are among the most serious offenses a person can face in Florida and throughout the country. When you are facing the life-altering consequences of being charged with a sex crime, we are here to help. We will fight for your rights, your reputation and your future.

Well-Respected Attorneys With A Proven Track Record

This is not the time to work with an inexperienced attorney. Far too much hangs in the balance. State and federal prosecutors work intently to gain convictions in sex crimes cases.

At Mandell Law, our team will back you with over 25 years of combined legal experience. We know how to work effectively and aggressively at every point from the initial investigation through trial.

As experienced attorneys who focus a significant part of our practice on major criminal cases, we stay up to date on evolving laws and procedures, and we have an expansive network of field professionals we enlist to help mount strong defenses.

We are well-prepared to help you face the challenges of being charged with:

Early Involvement Is Key

Many people who are accused of sex crimes try to handle the situation alone. This is a mistake. Do not talk to the police before talking to us about your rights and options.

The most critical time in your case is the beginning. The police are not on your side. Even if your accuser recants, the police are likely to continue working to build a case against you. We understand that being the subject of an investigation is a stressful and even humiliating experience, but we can help you through it.

One bad step during your investigation can cause irreparable damage to your defense. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you are under investigation for a sex-related offense.

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