A trial date has been set for a 22-year-old former Florida State University student accused of attempted murder. He appeared in court in Stuart as his attorney explained that he needed to coordinate witnesses and schedule an expert to speak about the man’s insanity.

Authorities charged the man with attempted murder after he allegedly attacked a 53-year-old woman and her 59-year-old husband in their garage. He bit the man’s face and abdomen and stabbed the woman with a variety of objects found in the garage. A neighbor, who attempted to help the couple, also struggled against the man. Law enforcement officers described the attack as vicious. They reported that multiple deputies and a police dog needed to work together to pull the man off of a victim. He required medical treatment after his arrest because he drank chemicals in the garage.

A statement from the accused man’s father described him as showing behavior suggestive of schizophrenia in the months prior to the attack. The suspect claims to have been experiencing delusions and other mental problems. He cannot recall any reasons for attacking people or any clear memories of the incident.

An arrest for a violent crime could leave someone vulnerable within the criminal justice system. The services of an Orlando, Florida, murder and violent charges attorney might provide clarity about rights and options for defense. A legal evaluation might aid a person who must decide how to enter a plea. An attorney could compare the charges to the available evidence to judge the strength of the case. Unjustifiable charges could be challenged by an attorney in an effort to gain an acquittal or negotiate a favorable plea agreement.

Source: WPBF, “Face-eating suspect’s double murder trial tentatively set for June“, Terri Parker, Jan. 8, 2019