On Dec. 26, a Florida man was charged with murder after shooting and killing a neighbor on Christmas Day. He allegedly admitted to authorities that he did not feel threatened when he chose to fire his handgun.

According to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, the 24-year-old defendant said he overheard an argument between a man and a woman who lived near him on Montclair Way in Poinciana. In response, he picked up his gun and monitored the dispute. He said he observed the woman slap the man while they were in their backyard and walk back into the house. The man reportedly responded by smashing the glass sliding door and entering the home. At that point, the defendant said he ran toward the couple’s home, fired a warning shot into the ground and told the man to come outside. He then ducked behind a tree as the man came toward him. Once the man was within 10 feet of him, he fired his gun, striking the man.

The woman then called 911, saying that the defendant shot the man for “no (expletive) reason.” The defendant also called 911 to report the incident. He allegedly told responding deputies that he didn’t feel threatened and the man he shot didn’t appear to have a weapon. The woman claimed that there was no domestic dispute prior to the shooting, but records indicate that deputies responded to a domestic violence report at the residence five months ago. The defendant has been charged with murder and denied bond.

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Source: WFTV 9, “Report: Man charged with murder ‘never felt threatened’ before Christmas Day shooting“, Sarah Wilson, Dec. 28, 2018