Marketers want people in Florida who visit Las Vegas to think that what happens there stays there. This was not the case for a retired technology business billionaire who now faces charges of drug trafficking alongside his girlfriend after a stay at the Wynn Encore Casino Hotel on the Strip. His lawyer, who has defended other celebrities facing drug charges, said he will file a motion to dismiss drug trafficking charges because of insufficient evidence.

The arrest of the 60-year-old co-founder of Broadcom Corp, who reportedly has a $3.1 billion fortune, and his girlfriend occurred after hotel security allegedly found drugs in their hotel suite. The man had asked security to let him into his suite after getting locked out. Security guards told police that they saw his girlfriend passed out with a deflated balloon in her mouth. The man said she had been inhaling nitrous oxide, which only represents a misdemeanor offense.

Security guards then opened a black pelican briefcase in the room because they worried that it might contain a gun. They then summoned police to the hotel because the case appeared to contain drugs. Police reported finding 96 grams of methamphetamine, 15.13 grams of cocaine, 17.1 grams of psychedelic mushrooms and 4.24 grams of heroin. Local authorities subsequently charged the couple with possession and trafficking of controlled substances.

Prosecutors can be heavy-handed with the application of criminal charges. A person accused of serious drug crimes might want advice from a Orlando, Florida, drug charges law firm. A lawyer could strive to protect a person’s rights in court. Questionable evidence could enable an attorney to seek reduced charges or have a case dismissal.

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