One of the results of a conviction for a sexual crime is having to submit your information to the Florida sexual offender registry. This registry provides the public with information about you, so they can find out where you live and other details about you. The goal is to keep the public safe, but it may feel incredibly invasive to you. So, what information do you have to provide for the registry?

According to the Florida Statutes, you must provide a wide range of identifying information and details about yourself to law enforcement who will then put that information into the sexual offender database. This includes your basic information, such as your name, birthday, sex, race, and social security number, along with identifying information, such as your eye color, weight, hair color, height and information about any tattoos or identifying marks.

You must also provide palm and fingerprints. You will have your photograph taken as well, which is available when the public accesses the database.

However, this is not the end of the information. You must also give your address and information about where you work. You have to give details about your vehicle, including the tag number, VIN, model, make and color. Furthermore, you need to give them your contact information, such as your telephone number and email address. If you have any professional licenses, you must provide that information. Finally, you have to provide information on your citizenship status and your passport. This information is for education only. It is not legal advice.