Some people are not surprised when they are charged with assault, whether they initiated a fight with another person and the entire incident was caught on camera or they were confronted by a law enforcement official during an altercation. However, others may be completely surprised to find out that they have been charged with assault. In some cases, they may not have been responsible for any violence and the charges may be completely unwarranted. Regardless, the consequences may be very disruptive.

Some people are accused of assault by a former friend or partner who wants to bring them down, while others may be mistaken for another person who was actually responsible for assaulting another individual. This can be especially likely to occur in crowded areas or in bars and other locations where it may be dark. Poor lighting can make it difficult for someone to see a person clearly, and those who look very similar to another person who was involved in an altercation may be wrongly named as a suspect.

Moreover, some people may be involved in a minor fault and they may be surprised to find out that the other person has decided to press charges. When someone is caught off-guard with assault charges, they may be less prepared when it comes to defending themselves and getting ready for the case. However, these charges can bring serious repercussions and it is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of the options that are on the table. We go over a lot of other topics related to assault charges on our site.